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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Explore London Together

Are your photos really you?
Yes! I take the time to do frequent photo shoots and thus what you see is what you will be greeted by when we meet. I am always told that I look even better in person and I am certain that my beautiful face and sensational organic body will not disappoint you.  

I have sent you an email and I have not heard back, why?
I respond to respectful inquiries within a day or two so if you have not heard back from me in a timely manner, do check the spam inbox-there are those instances when my email ends up in the spam for some odd reason. Sometimes technology fails us, so please just shoot me another email.  Please note that emails with explicit language that is graphic in nature will be ignored.

Why are your rates higher than most?
I am an independent companion who values quality over quantity. I provide quality time for gentlemen who are looking for the same thing. My rates reflect the amount of genuineness and sincerity that goes into each date.

Is your donation flexible?
I’m afraid not. If you are compelled to ask then there is a good chance that I am not the companion for you. 

When will you be visiting my city?
When you invite me, of course! Unfortunately, I do not tour in the traditional sense. I occasionally travel in my personal life, but never meet special friends during those trips. I prefer the invitation of a gentleman, the preparation of an exclusive jaunt, and visiting a city knowing that I’m with one lover. Much better of a scenario to anticipate and all of my attention will be on you.

I don’t have a hotel. Can you provide an incall location?
My personal preference is to come to you (outcall). I enjoy being in a gentleman’s domain, even if temporary. But if you’d rather I host, I am able to provide an incall location at my private apartment in Central London.

Can I call you?
Unfortunately, I am not available to talk over the phone and I prefer email or text messages for our communication. My career outside of this keeps me busy, and I find phone calls a bit intrusive and ineffective when it comes to trying to set up dates.  I am an independent companion and thus I answer all my emails and text messages personally.

I had such an incredible time with you. May I please write a review?
Absolutely not, I don't kiss and tell

What will you wear to our date? Can I request an outfit?
I will be dressed in something that suites the occasion. I love dresses and feminine classy  clothes and I always look polished and pretty. You will not find me with excessive makeup nor will I drench myself in perfume in preparation for our date. But, you can certainly request an outfit of your choice. I would be happy to dress up for you! We can even go on a fun shopping trip on our date if you’d like to pick something out and have me model it for you.

Can you stay longer than the time I booked with you? I just want to hang out or watch a movie with you.
It’s flattering that you enjoy my company so much and i will do my best to acomodate your request. Sadly I am not able to spend time with you that cannot be compensated. Please respect this and we will get along famously.

Can we meet before we schedule a date?
Any meeting is considered a date. I am happy to meet you for coffee before an ‘official date’ is scheduled. However, I must be compensated for my time, no matter the encounter.

What do I do if I run into you outside of this?

Absolutely nothing. Please do not acknowledge me in public or come up to me to say hello. I prefer to pass one another as strangers outside of this sensitive no-strings-attached dating and thus I will not stare at you or wave to say hello, so please be respectful of my boundaries as well and do not put me in an awkward situation. What ever is shared between us will remain as a delicious memory to be savored and our own special secret.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
No, I certainly don’t! No tattoos or piercings of any kind. I take great care of myself physically and otherwise. There is some beautiful artwork out there, but I prefer to remain natural and unaltered.

Do you smoke?
I do not smoke at all. As stated above, I take care of myself and try my best to maintain good health and sparkly white teeth LOL. I don’t mind others that choose to smoke.

What can I expect from you?
Just imagine your wildest dreams amplified by a woman who is a fantasy come true. But know that I am real with a genuine interest in sharing the perfect girlfriend experience unlike any other.

Do you enjoy this?
Thank you for being so very considerate and asking me if I truly enjoy dating men in this delicate and sensitive dating world. The answer is…Drumroll please…YES and unequivocally affirmative! This allows me to meet the kind of mens that I drool after in real life. Smart, distinguished, accomplished, well-traveled etcetera, etcetera. Yet we can have all the fun, minus any drama or complications that come along with a traditional relationship. So yes, you have found a smart, beautiful and independent companion that is searching for the same thing you are, fun and no-strings attached adventure.

If you still have any lingering questions that my FAQ hasn’t answered, feel free to ask.